Anonymous: No one was insulting girls who shave their body hair just because they gave a shoutout to girls who choose not to. Girls who choose not to shave are treated worse by society so were showing them that nothing is wrong w their decision. Not everything has to be about you...why cant you let girls who choose not to shave get a shoutout


I am 100% behind girls who don’t want to shave their body hair, and so was the original poster, but then people hijacked it and made it into an “us vs them” situation with girls who don’t shave vs girls who don’t, when literally that is not what its about

ALL women are together in this, sure girls who do shave might not experience as much hate directly but they still experience the same pressure, and its so shitty of anyone to try and say that because they comply with stupid beauty standards that were thrust upon them from infancy that they’re somehow getting off lighter or that they’re “against” girls who don’t shave, like these unrealistic beauty standards for women fuck with ALL of us, not just those brave enough to rebel against them

And how dare you insinuate that I was somehow making this about me, how do you know what I do with my body hair? Sure I made that comment about tumblr making me feel like a bad feminist if/when I want to shave my body hair or when I do shave it, but you don’t know me and know nothing about my body and my body hair and what I do/don’t do with it so don’t even fuckin try. 

I’m not stopping girls who choose to not to shave getting a shout out, I’m 100% for that and the original post did that, but I’m not behind people shitting all over girls who choose to shave as if they’re somehow not as oppressed under the patriarchal system because the patriarchal system is the REASON women are shamed into shaving

Like its a really brave thing to openly not shave your body hair and I applaud any woman who manages to do it, but just because a girl doesn’t do that or maybe feels like she couldn’t (because of the shitload of comments and hate she would get) doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a little shout out on the internet that acknowledges her struggle 

dividing women is literally no way to solve body shaming, like at all 





shoutout to all the girls + women who have thick, dark, and abundant body hair and have to spend time and energy shaving every single day if they don’t want to be harassed by loved ones +…

the “feminists” who try to force an image on other women that goes against mainstream ideals need to take a seat and read up on what feminism really is.

feminism isn’t about turning the tables and fighting the norm of shaming girls to shave or wear makeup (etc) and instead shaming girls to not shave or wear makeup. 

feminism is not about favoriting a certain type of woman

feminism is about empowering women to do whatever the fuck they want with themselves without feeling judged, shamed, or unworthy.

anytime you rant and complain about women who shave, you are judging them, you are shaming them, and you are telling them they are unworthy of the feminist community.

i shave and i wear makeup quite regularly, and the reason behind my shaved legs and foundation covered face is completely irrelevant to feminism because i am still as much of a feminist as someone who doesn’t do either of the two. why? because we believe in equality and freedom

and that is what feminism is all about.


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